Rats, mice, grey squirrels, rabbits, moles and foxes can contaminate food, spread bacteria diseases. Some of these rodents, as well as damaging your property, are capable of gnawing through plasterboard walls, flooring, skirtings and can damage electrical wiring and lagging surrounding pipes. Acatch specialises in providing rodent prevention and control services. Our staff thoroughly inspect your home and business space to identify signs of rodents and their entry points, if visible. Based on our findings, we provide a comprehensive range of effective treatments or control, to eliminate your issue. We are always on hand to provide advice on any concerns or issues you may have.


Insect infestations are everyone’s nightmare. That’s why we offer a wide range of insect control and prevention services that are safe and efficient. We can remove insects such as ants, moths, beetles, bedbugs, biting insects, silverfish, spiders, woodworm, cockroaches, flies, fleas and cluster flies. Where possible, we use environmentally-friendly chemicals in our treatment methods. We will work with you to ensure that infestation is unlikely to occur again. All our insect control services are both pet and child friendly. We are always on hand to provide advice on any concerns or issues you may have.


Do you have a problem with birds entering or roosting on your home? We have almost 20 years of experience in this business and offer only the best bird proofing solutions to suit the clients needs. Bird proofing is a popular method used to prevent birds from entering, roosting or nesting on your home.

We all enjoy watching birds in the garden and countryside. However, when these birds start to gain entry to your property or start to roost or nest regularly on your roof, they then become a pest. Acatch will survey your property and suggest the options available to help eliminate this issue, no matter how small. We are always on hand to provide advice on any concerns or issues you may have.


If you find bees swarming in your garden or a corner of your building, do not touch or disturb the nest. Bees are important to maintain a balance in nature and Acatch are committed to protecting bee colonies where possible. We will always endeavour to carefully remove the colony and reinstate it elsewhere. By using Acatch you will play your part in helping to preserve and save our honey and bumble bee population.

Wasps build their nests in areas that are hard to reach such as lofts and wall cavities. Removing wasp nests on your own can be dangerous, so it’s recommended that you contact Acatch to remove them from your home or garden. If you need a wasp nest removed, contact the team of specialists at Acatch.

We are always on hand to provide advice on any concerns or issues you may have.


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